Anti Life Hack: Socks

So I spend a lot of time thinking of strange ways to optimize my life. One of the things I fixed a little while ago were socks. I wasn't going to write about this until I saw this article on Lifehacker.


They call it the fold method. It starts at about 0:12 seconds and lasts till 0:45 seconds for a total of 0:33 seconds. 


Lets say I have about 30 pairs of socks. This adds up to about 990 seconds or roughly 16.5 minutes. Not counting the time sorting thru and finding the right sock. So lets round this up to 17. Assuming you wash your socks once a week, in a year you will have 884 minutes or roughly 14.7 hours. If your hourly wage is modest, so lets say 25usd an hour, and we ignore taxes, you're looking at 367.5usd annually folding socks. 

So obviously I hate this 'life hack'. Sounds like a waste of time and money.

The anti life hack is to buy only one kind of sock. 

I'm pretty sure I bought these:


If you buy 5 packs at 12.99 each you'll be spending 64.95usd. Plus since they're all the same, you don't need to fold them. Just throw them all into once drawer and you'll always have matching socks. You'll never need to fold, never have random single socks, and you can always add socks if you need more. 



Why should this site exist?

So I revisited my personal site after many years of hiatus. I was not happy that I was burning cash cash on domains and hosting for virtually no return. So now I think I will spend a Saturday getting this up and running. 

Reasons other people have websites:

  1. Personal porfolio
  2. Blog to express thoughts
  3. Online presence
  4. Sell things and make money

Reasons I thought I needed a website:

  1. Other people had one
  2. Personal Portfolio

Reasons I think I should have a website:

  1. Online presence and avoiding social media
  2. Share progress on existing projects
  3. Central place to publish important content
  4. Maybe I just need to shout into the digital abyss
  5. Not to sell things


  1. I'm really starting to hate the internet
  2. Not posting bad content
  3. Not posting anything that would embarass myself or the company